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America's Best Steaks
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Nov-13-2012 by Carol Hobbs

America's Best Steak

401 10th St.

Bogue, Ks  67625


Bogue, located in Graham County off K 18 and US 24 in northwestern Kansas.  America's Best Steaks was founded by BEEF eaters for BEEF eaters. "Dry aged to perfection - from the former Bogue Grade School."  by Lyle Billips of Bogue.  The idea of dry-aging beef came from a Graham county farmer and rancher who wanted a better-tasting steak. Dry aging is an exacting process, taking meat from the hoof to the vacuum-packed, high-class steak sold by America’s Best Steaks.  It takes time from the moment they arrive in Bogue until they are sliced and flash frozen, ready to be shipped to customers.  Dry aging only works with top quality cuts of beef.  Moisture in the meat also evaporates, concentrating the flavor. Prior to our steak delivery, Billips’ dry aging process begins with the finest premium choice loins, hung in a climate and humidity controlled room. The beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days. During this process a crust forms on the outside of the loin, very similar to the texture of beef jerky. This layer is trimmed away, leaving steaks that are superior in tenderness and flavor. During the dry aging process, the juices are absorbed into the meat, enhancing the flavor and tenderizing the steaks. Research from major universities, including Kansas State University, indicates the enhancement of flavor and tenderness occurs in this dry aging process.             
401 10th St.,Bogue,Kansas

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